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SAPTAK RESTAURANT AND BAR located at the Ground Floor has the perfect blend of Sumptous Food and Tranquil Ambience to ensure every Meal becomes a truly memorable experience. SAPTAK RESTAURANT AND BAR has a variety of Cocktail and Mocktail concoctions to lift a drooping Spirit. Hotel ATITHI offers SAPTAK RESTAURANT AND BAR with traditional decor and service reminiscent of the darbarkhanas of yore.

Indian Classical Music derives its richness, its vastness from the number of distinctive styles of presentation or 'Gharanas' which it encompasses. Likewise Indian Cuisine is vast and includes a variety of recipes prepared in distinctive styles - Punjabi, Moghlai, Hyderabadi - just to name a few.
An exponent rendering a raga wends his way through its different phases beginning with the Sthayee and concluding with the Antara while moving through one or more intermediate stages.Indian Cuisine can be equally interesting while combining various courses beginning with starters and ending with sweets.

At Saptak it has been our endeavour to present classic menu with its various courses or stages.


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